Cobweb (2023)

This is a scary movie that takes viewers on a spine-tingling adventure. The story happens in a small town where some adventurous teenagers discover a strange item covered in cobwebs. They unknowingly let loose a mean spirit that starts to haunt them and their town. As weird things increase, the teens face their biggest fears and hidden truths while trying to understand where the scary item came from. The movie is full of suspense and frightening images, making viewers nervous as they watch a fight between good and bad that could change the town’s future. Watch more Flixtor Streaming free movies online here within a click.

Cobweb Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: Cobweb (2023)
Genres: 2023 Movies | Horror, Thriller
Director: Samuel Bodin
Writer: Chris Thomas Devlin
Stars: Lizzy Caplan, Antony Starr, Cleopatra Coleman