Wicked Little Letters 2024

Wicked Little Letters (2024)

In the tranquil setting of Littlehampton, an unexpected uproar ensues when its residents, including the traditionally minded Edith, find themselves besieged by a barrage of outrageously funny letters. As suspicion falls upon Rose, a spirited Irish newcomer known for her vivaciousness, the women of the town take it upon themselves to probe deeper into the matter. Their investigation unearths hidden secrets and challenges long-held perceptions, leading to a revelation that reshapes the fabric of their tight-knit community. Follow Flixtor Comedy Movies for more.

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Title: Wicked Little Letters (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Comedy, Crime, Drama
Director: Thea Sharrock
Writer: Jonny Sweet
Stars: Jessie Buckley, Olivia Colman, Timothy Spall

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